Monthly Archives: February 2014

Progress and Validation

This has been an interesting week.  On one hand I feel I have made great progress in getting where I want to go and on the other, quite the opposite.

Since my last post…

My boss, upon my request, called the head of my dream department to see about getting me a career conversation and a better idea of specifically what I’d like to do in that department.  He left a message…that was Friday.

I found and applied for a development position at the Guthrie theater in Minneapolis.  I publicized my activity to all my friends/family in the Twin Cities theater world to try to get a “plug” from one of them.  This is a job I am 100% confident that I could do, do well, and enjoy.  I just need someone to convince them to call me.  That was also Friday.  Monday I requested the LinkedIn connection of someone in the development office and she accepted.  Today I sent a message asking for a conversation so I can learn more about the position.  We’ll see…

I was invited to observe the tech week process at a local professional musical theater to gain a better understanding of what the Production Manager does to support the mounting of Broadway musical.  Went Tuesday and will go again today.

My phone meeting with the PR Manager at one of our high end stores happened.  This conversation was short, sweet and validating.  We made a connection, I shared my goals and what I have done to develop my skills (she said “wow”), I shared some of my frustrations on never being taken seriously enough by recruiters to push me through to the next step and she told me to keep plugging away and offerred to connect me with the recruiter for all the jobs in her field.  This was about an hour ago…Score!

I guess there are no “losses” here, just small successes which can sometimes feel like a cumulative loss.  Seeing it in print here though, I’m feeling pretty good.



Good Tuesday morning to all.  My name is Cathy Wells and this is the first, of what will be daily, eh weekly, posts about my professional life and (because I love food) an occasional recipe or culinary tidbit.

Why start a blog?  Why not, first of all.  Secondly, I have my sights set on changing both carrer and city and suspect my co-workers are tiring of the lamentations of my, sometimes daily, set backs.  (Ok, lamentation may be a bit strong, moaning and weeping rarely come into it, but man…it’s a juicy word.)  Truth be told…I have no idea how I’m going to accomplish either of the afore mentioned tasks.  So until I do, I’m going to fake it, follow my gut, and seek the council of as many competent professionals as I can.