Monthly Archives: April 2014

Two months of steady as she goes…

So it’s been a while…two months.  I apologize for my silence to my audience of, probably, zero.

Update on the outcome of the last post’s contents.

1)  My boss’s call to the other boss – no response

2)  My work with the local theater – nothing in two months

3)  Guthrie Job – was told I didn’t have enough industry experience

4)  Invitation to connect with recruiter – silence

Am I letting this get me down?  NO WAY!!!

Here are the current irons in the fire:

I have a transfer application in with one of our stores in Minnesota to be a supervisor in the visual department.  From what I’ve found from my research, this would be a good stepping stone to getting the big annual events job that I’m shooting for.  I applied in early April and the job closes next week (May 7th) so I hope to hear something soon.  I’ve had friends/colleagues make calls for me to aid in this.  Coincidentally, I am going to be arriving in MN for a family wedding on May 7th so I am trying to arrange for an interview for that position while I’m there.  I’m also trying to swing meeting someone in the special events office while I’m there.

That’s about it on the job front.

Gastronomically:  I made some amazing bruschetta pasta for dinner last night.  Yummy!!!