Cucumber & Sausage Stacks

Those that know me well know that I am pretty mindful of what and how much I eat. This isn’t a statement about strict clean eating, but rather an approach that was summed up beautifully by my oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher when they were learning about healthy foods and “sometimes” foods. I love food, I always have; I also love that I weigh less now than I did in high school and that since graduating from high school my weight has fluctuated by less than 15 pounds. I attribute this phenomenon to eating healthfully, but not denying myself those “sometimes” foods sometimes. Unfortunately after an overindulgent spring followed by a vacationing summer, I’m finding myself at the high end of that 15 and I need to snap things back into control.

“Ok, fine,” you say. “What does that have to do with me?” Somewhere along the way, I started attributing recipes worthy of sharing with complicated food. But here’s the thing: I love simple foods! One of my favorite “sometimes” foods is a flour tortilla topped with cheddar cheese and red pepper flakes and then baked until the tortilla gets crispy. But why would I dedicate an entire post to such a dish, or for my breakfast smoothies or yogurt parfaits or anything else equally simple?

I guess the answer is, “why not?” Plus, in case anyone is curious about my everyday foods, I should probably share some. So here I go, with a recent addition to my snacking/lunching arsenal discovered while trying to not make a special stop for lunch on our 18-hours-in-one-day drive from Las Vegas, NM to Blue Earth, MN.

Cucumber & Sausage StacksCucumber & Sausage Stacks

I’m going to give you the loose guidelines for making one and you can ramp it up for the quantity you’re seeking.


1 cucumber medallion
1 small piece summer sausage
1 thin sliver of tomato wedge
1 very small piece of roasted red pepper


  • Stack ingredients & enjoy!


From my little corner of the world, thanks for reading and happy eating.
Caffeter, the Milkmaid


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