About me.

So here I am, Cathy Wells.  Changing careers can be daunting.  Changing careers while moving half way across the country IS daunting.  But this is the exact challenge I have set before myself.   Throughout my education and career I have done a number of different things and from these experiences,  I have grown and learned and all that.  This learning has resulted in an epiphany and have actually figured out What I want to do when I grow up!

Get myself on a career path that encompasses planning philanthropic entertainment events and move my family back home to Minnesota. 

Yes, it is quite a dream.  I do , however, know I have the skills to benefit such an endeavor.  I love event planning and the bigger the event, the happier I am.  My educational background is in theater and to this day, nothing compares to the vibe of a stage.  Professionally, the closest I’ve gotten to this dream is planning numerous associate engagement/appreciation events for my staff of 1,600 and providing monthly community service opportunities for them.  Unfortunately for me, all of this activity has fallen under my title of Executive Assistant so, you could say, this butterfly has yet to find its wings.


2 thoughts on “About me.

  1. I am at a similar crux in my life (while not planning to move to MN – It isn’t completely off the list of possibilities for us!) Planning Philanthropic Entertainment Events (and writing/blogging) is where I feel I could serve the community. I am trying to transition from being a stay-at-home-mom and before that as a teacher. I would love to hear how you make that happen!


    1. Hi Kristin. The road we’re trying to travel is a difficult one, but I would recommend starting to follow the HR professional, Liz Ryan, who has a lot of great advice on knowing your value and what you do bring to the table. The other thing I’ve been doing for the last few months and would also recommend is to reach out to some nonprofit organizations in your area that run big events for their annual fundraising efforts and volunteer on a planning committee. (This starts to get professional experience on your resume.) Don’t give up when trying to find your niche there. It took me six months and 5 nonprofits before finding one that was mutually beneficial. Most, that I’ve found, don’t know what to do with professional volunteering. They’re used to the manual labor/clerical volunteers. Go you!

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